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App Button
Your picture and logo on every screen! Changes instantly on iPhone. Androids need to install the app again to see it.
App Name
Shows in app stores and other important places. Keep it short. Slogan or gimmick goes on the second line.
Slide Show
Arrange pix by dragging them. The last photo appears on your profile page.
Address or City. Be specific or discreet. Delete map to show your logo instead.
Navigation Menu
Click one that suits you. They all slide in and out of view. Change color and fonts here...
Contact- and Share Buttons
So people can call you or send your app to friends. Leave blank and buttons won't show. See who shared your app!
Custom News - Blog
Add posts, news, products, or services. The first line is bold automatically. After that all links are clickable. Add images and buttons using the QuickBox editor inside InstantApp.

Automatic News
Pull news into your app from Newspapers, RSS feeds, or your timeline. Stories update automatically. Set and forget.
Profile page - Anything goes!
Opening Hours, About, Menu, Program, CV, Sell, Locations... Search engine optimized! Shows the last pic from your slide show.
Colors and Fonts
Change your look without altering content. Click a style, then open your app to see the fresh coat of paint. Related: Background and Menu

Full Control - Unlimited Fonts and Colors
Match your corporate style or invent it right here. Related: Background and Menu
Share Box
Put this app on any website. From there anyone can share it by SMS and social networks. Use this embed code anywhere but Facebook.

Website optimizer - No more scrolling or squinting!
This code makes your normal website look perfect on smartphones. Embed it on any page you want improved for mobile visitors.
App Poster and Flyers
For trade shows, walls, windows, counters. Features your QR Code for easy app scanning. Print them here...
Send your app
SMS it to friends and email it to clients. Put it on Facebook, or get it from your app domain!
One click marketing
Announce specials, parties, and sales. Possibly the world's easiest way to increase sales.
App Download Buttons
Put them everywhere to promote your app. Use one of the two embed codes.
App Photo
For press releases and ads. Adapts to your app's design. Download it here...
Pimp your app with community plugins
Switch ON extra features to make your app stand out.
They are charged once, per app. No follow-up costs.
Custom Design by Stacey's Plugins
Mix and match our designs, themes, and colors. Even upload your own background pix and splash screens to brand your app. Dazzle with gorgeous start screens that scream YOU.

Button Customizer by Stacey's Plugins
Your logo, icon, brand on everyone's main screen. By default we use a generic button but with this Plugin you can use your own picture.

Reservation Form by Stacey's Plugins
Make an order-, reservation-, feedback- or contact form. People fill it out and you get an email with all the details. Perfect to replace the phone button in your app or provide a more discreet contact choice.

Custom Menu by Stacey's Plugins
Write what you want on the menu buttons. Pick from 200 designer icons for each navigation tab. Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Zulu, Klingon etc. All languages work!

Android and iPad MegaPack by Stacey's Plugins
Generate installable Android app and make your app ready for Android's Google Play, Amazon, and Telecom stores. Create an iPad, iPad Mini, Tablet app. Takes 45 seconds, published to your improved professional website.

White Label by Rackspace
Your competitors and clients will never know about this software. Hide all references to App.Cat from this app. Make it distinctly yours and pretend to be a programmer.

Automatic News by Stacey's Plugins
Pretend to be a journalist. Pulls news in from major newspapers. Select by topic or use your Facebook feed: Never write posts again; this Plugin does it for you.

Facebook/Twitter app uploader by Stacey's Plugins
Put your app on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with one single click. Perfect for when you run out of new stuff to say...

Slide Photo Gallery by Stacey's Plugins
Possibly the best image gallery experience on mobile today. It listens for taps, clicks, and slides to accommodate the many ways people expect a photo gallery to work on Android or iOS.

Style Manager by Stacey's Plugins
Unlimited Fonts, Glows, Colors. Truly match your brand's identity. Your app is guaranteed to not look like "all the others".

Speed-Splitter by Stacey's Plugins
This mobile website looks and acts like your app. It's for people who don't want to download your app because they're scared or in a hurry.

QR-Code Integration by Stacey's Plugins
People just point their phone at the code and it opens your app! The code appears in your apps, website, and on your flyers or posters that come free with this Plugin.

Push Message by Stacey's Plugins and BulkSMS
Announce specials, coupons, or sales to every phone and computer. It's an SMS marketing machine and email newsletter system in one. Possibly the world's easiest way to send news and increase sales.

Visitor Analytics by Stacey's Plugins
See who gets your app, shares it, where they are, when they visit, and what they use! Instant analytics and graphs for your app's performance. Inspect subscriber-count to examine your viral campaign's success .

App Selling e-commerce Site by Stacey's Plugins
Professional branded website for agencies and media corporations who need to create and monetize thousands of apps a day at no extra effort. People visit the site, make apps themselves, then pay you! Includes FREE Instant App Editor for every app made through this platform.

Digital Agency Solution
For large companies, advertisers, and app selling entrepreneurs. Includes unlimited apps, all Plugins, whitelabel. Sales reps and designers are synced so they can collaborate on apps from anywhere worldwide. Included FREE: e-commerce Site that sells apps while you sleep plus FREE Instant App Plugins for every app made there. Use your calculator to see why this is so profitable... Plus: SAVE 20% using your Volume Discount Credits!

$999.00 x 5
Gravity Ad by Stacey's Plugins
Appears when the phone is turned sideways or a prominent promo button is pressed. Tap it to call a number or visit a site. Visible on iOS, Android and on your website. Brilliant for Coupons.

Celebrity Ads by Stacey's Plugins
Show full screen ads and glory posters when the app starts. Present different ads depending on iOS device to optimize revenue.

Update your app on everyone's smartphone by Stacey's Plugins
When you change stuff in App.Cat it will instantly appear on everyone's device without them having to re-download the app.
Personal App Editor
NEW: The revolution that will double your sales! Watch it here...
Your customers can now live-edit their app from any browser. Let them send push messages, check their download stats, add new pix themselves while paying you for the privilege… The editor's pioneering simplicity will close every sale! More...

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